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Dr Giulia Barbareschi

Researcher in Assistive Technology

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Giulia has been involved with GDI Hub from the beginning and in 2018, after completing her PhD in Disability and Assistive Technology at UCL, she officially joined the ranks as a Research Fellow. Giulia brings with her a unique mix of clinical, technical and research experience having worked in hospitals, universities and UN agencies in several countries around the world. Giulia is based in London at the UCL Interaction Centre, but can often be found in Kenya where she leads the research component of several AT2030 projects on assistive technologies in collaboration with local and international NGOs and start-ups.

Her research focuses on understating how current and novel technologies are used to improve the lives of people with disabilities who live in different parts of the world. Giulia's work lies at the intersection of technology, disability and design with strong influences from disability studies and international development.

Giulia is also a British Science Association Media Fellow and a STEM ambassador and generally has too many hobbies and interests for the time she has available.

Here you will find a list of her publications and you can also access her some of her work through google scholar.

Colour profile image of Dr Giulia Barbareschi, a caucasian woman with brown hair