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Themes: Assistive & Accessible Technology

New podcast - Innovation Action Insights explores Materials

The third episode of Innovation Action Insights podcast is now live.

Understanding the properties of both new and existing material is becoming more and more a key element in addressing many of the global challenges facing the world. From promoting advances in manufacturing methods to increase the availability of products, to finding and harnessing new sources of energy to combat climate change, many of the areas of research for scientists and engineers around the world revolve around the importance of understanding the possibilities of different materials. Scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa have been working tirelessly to understand how to best leverage the materials available in their own ecosystems to tackle some of the major challenges affecting their community from water shortages, access to electricity and availability of locally made good quality clothing.

In this episode, we’ll hear stories from two guests telling us how they have been able to creatively leverage the properties of naturally available materials to address challenges related to maternal healthcare and sanitation in Zambia and Kenya.

Find out more about the Safe Mothehood Alliance & CIST Africa.