Introducing GDI Hub Accelerate

Driving innovation impact through scale studios, accelerators, live-labs, coaching, events, knowledge sharing and collaborative partnerships. Technology advances are providing opportunity for scalability like never before. By harnessing the value of innovation, we can shape the future.

Image of a young man in a red t-shirt sitting in his wheelchair inside a community space

Innovation highlights

Image in a triangle shape - showcasing testing of new limb tech. Under sits the writing, GDI Accelerate Spark

Spark is our mechanism to kick start innovation and test proof of concept. We provide evidence and participation support, with access to co-design participants and validation of innovation concepts. The most successful spark innovations will feed up the pipeline - transitioning to the start-up innovation ecosystems. Current Spark Innovation projects include hackathons and research grants, such as TIDAL N+.

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Start-up is our second level of innovation ecosystem - focused on products with existing proof of concept. Supporting local-to-regional entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship training, Live Lab activities, business model acceleration and expert sector insight support. Current Start-up innovation projects include Innovate Now, Africa's first Assistive Tech Accelerator, where we provide knowledge, expertise and data to transition into market ready solutions.

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The third stage caters for national-to-international ventures and investors, supporting catalytic funding and bespoke venture building support to take innovations to scale. Existing projects include the Assistive Tech Impact Fund, where we support large scale product trials, clinical trials, and research by sharing and harnessing our unique expertise and that of our partners, collaborators and coaches.

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