Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our work, we would like to hear about it. We value all feedback, both good and bad, and welcome the opportunity to learn and improve.

How to make a complaint

  • Complaints should be raised within 1 months of the matter in question
  • Complaints should be directed to us via our Complaints Form, as an email titled 'Complaint' to the relevant point of contact, or you can call us on 00 44 20 3108 9916.

How we will respond

We have a two-stage process:

Stage 1 - When we receive your complaint, we will acknowledge it within three working days and advise you who will be responsible for responding. This will typically be the Manager of the particular area concerned who will aim to send you a response within 10 working days.

Stage 2 - If you are not satisfied with the initial response received and can outline the reasons why, you can request that the complaint is escalated to stage 2 of our complaints process. We will acknowledge this within three working days and advise you who will be responsible for responding. This will usually be the relevant Director. We will aim to respond in 10 working days.

We may find that we can get your problem resolved quickly by an initial phone call on either of the complaints stages. However, if this is not possible we make every effort to respond within our timescales but will keep you informed of any delay should our investigation take longer than anticipated.

Finally - If your complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily, you can request an internal review of a complaint decision a review will be conducted internally. The internal review will be handled by more than one Director, who will collectively review the material exchanged to date and reach a final decision. At this point no further exchanges on the complaint can be handled by GDI Hub and complainants should refer to the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies.

If I do not want to make a formal complaint but would like to make a suggestion or general comment how do I do this?

We are also interested in any comments that you may wish to make about any aspects of our service. Please use our Contact Us forms or give us a call on 00 44 20 3108 9916.