10 years on from London 2012 Paralympics

Global Disability Innovation Hub was founded in the legacy of the games. That summer something extraordinary happened. Culture changed forever. New voices emerged and ideas were formed. History was made - sparking new momentum for the emerging field of Disability Innovation.

Text graphic 'It's been 10 years since the London Paralympic Games' with 2012 written in large letters containing images of - community engagement, a hearing aid test, the UCL building lit up purple, and a young girl in a foot brace to treat clubfoot.

Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) is a research and practice centre driving disability innovation for a fairer world. Operational in 41 countries, with more than 70 partners, we've reached 28 million people since launching in 2016.

Our Themes

London was the most successful Paralympic Games in history, and most accessible Olympic Games. The stadiums were full. Paralympians became heroes. Achievements were broadcast across the world. GDI Hub was born from this legacy.

29 August - 9 September 2022

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Opening ceremony of 2012

What we do

GDI Hub co-sponsors Global Report on Assistive Technology

The WHO and UNICEF alongside GDI Hub and ATscale, supported by UK aid, have launch the first Global Report on Assistive Technology. The Global Report recognises the importance of assistive technology and enabling environments and shares evidence-based best practice examples and 10 key actionable recommendations on improving access to assistive technology globally.

Find out more about our UK parliamentary launch, hosted by Minister for Trade, Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt.

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Our UK aid funded AT2030 programme explores and tests innovative ways to get more AT to the people that need it around the world.

To date we've published 150 influencing papers, supported 27 AT ventures, developed 63 partnerships to support AT capacity and enabled 47 African countries to view the Paralympics for the first time.

AT2030 was designed to explore, and test innovative ways to address these systematic challenges, and to get more AT to the people that need it around the world.

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Inclusive Design - within urban development and beyond

Our Inclusive Design Team recently returned from World Urban Forum in Poland - where they launched our new Inclusive Design Strategy. Find out more about the evidence collected through our UK Aid funded AT2030 Inclusive Infrastructure programme and how inclusive design is a tool that can deliver inclusive urban development.

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