UK stands up for AT in significant Parliamentary moment for disability and international development, as GDI Hub holds House of Commons reception

Minister for Trade Policy, Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt host the official UK launch of the Global Report the WHO First AT Collaborating Centre, at GDI Hub Academic Research Centre in UCL Engineering.

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Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) is a research and practice centre driving disability innovation for a fairer world. Operational in 35 countries, we've reached 21 million people since launching in 2016.

Our Themes

Funding Call. Digital Design, Manufacturing & Physical AT Devices​ with TIDAL N+ (Transformative Innovation in the Delivery of Assisted Living products and services). Agenda and collaboration workshops, 22 & 23rd June.

25 Days

23 June - 24 June 2022

EPSRC: Feasibility funding of £60K grants - apply now

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What we do

GDI Hub takes the stage to launch the Global Report on Assistive Technology

The WHO and UNICEF alongside GDI Hub and ATscale, supported by UK aid, have launch the first Global Report on Assistive Technology. The Global Report recognises the importance of assistive technology and enabling environments and shares evidence-based best practice examples and 10 key actionable recommendations on improving access to assistive technology globally.

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Inclusive Design and Accessibility of the Built Environment in Solo, Indonesia

This case study builds a picture of the current state of inclusion and accessibility in the built environment and infrastructure in Solo through engaging local stakeholders and communities and exploring the understanding of and potential for inclusive design to address some of the current barriers to inclusion. This work is part of our UK aid funded, AT2030 programme, testing "what works" and is the third of six case studies analysing the state of accessibility and inclusive design in low-resource contexts around the world.

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World Bank ICT Landscape review - educational participation & outcomes

Information and communication technology (ICT) tools can have a catalytic effect in advancing both educational access and learning outcomes for children with disabilities.

GDI Hub are delighted to have partnered with the World Bank to design, conduct the research and author ICT Landscape review: The use of ICT in improving the educational participation and outcomes of children with disabilities.

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