GDI Hub: exploring disability from a new perspective

We are building a movement to accelerate disability innovation for a fairer world.

We harness academic excellence, innovative practice and co-creation to tackle global challenges from a new perspective. We do this to have a positive impact on the lives of disabled people around the world.


Life-changing assistive technology for all

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Sculpture of a giant character on top of a space hopper with wheelchair users interacting with the sculpture via their mobile phone

What we mean by Disability Innovation

Disability innovation is more than a product, service or policy; it is a way of thinking.

It’s about listening to the people who know best. It’s about creating disruptive partnerships, finding new solutions, and bringing people together to find new approaches and then making them happen.

Disability Innovation is not an activity on the sidelines; it is harnessing the creativity and dynamism of community-led solutions to shape mainstream projects and programmes.

Disability Innovation is primarily about better outcomes for disabled people. However, it is also about the freedom to unleash visionary solutions that work better for all of us.

A murial on a wall showing that a child with a disability has the same needs as a child without a disability

The GDI Hub Test

All GDI Hub projects must have Global impact and application; specifically relate to Disability; demonstrate genuine Innovation; and build an accessible knowledge and practice Hub through open collaboration.

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