Book Launch: Disability Interactions, Creating Inclusive Innovations by Catherine Holloway and Giulia Barbareschi

We're delighted to announce the publication of Disability interactions (DIX), a new approach to combining cross-disciplinary methods and theories from HCI, disability studies, AT, and social dev.

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Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) is a research and practice centre driving disability innovation for a fairer world. Operational in 35 countries, we've reached 21 million people since launching in 2016.

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Counting the 10 years from the 2021 launch of the #WeThe15 campaign. GDI Hub is a founding member of this global human rights movement for the 1.2 billion disabled population.

19 August - 19 August 2031

Front view of the UCL Portico building lit up purple

UCL Portico Building lights up purple for the start of WeThe15 campaign

GDI Hub's 5th Birthday, Disability Innovation Day 2021

GDI Hub is celebrating our 5th birthday today 3rd September 2021. Last year, #DisabilityInnovationDay was launched to mark our 4th birthday Today, as we turn 5, we reflect on what is possible for the future of Disability Innovation and some of the actions we’ve been able to take in the past 12 months.

Record 49 territories for free-to-air African broadcast coverage of Paralympic Games

The International Committee for Paralympics (IPC) has confirmed that 49 Sub-Saharan African territories will be provided free-to-air coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games as part of the AT2030 programme's ParaSport Against Stigma Project. For the first time, African viewers will watch the opening and closing ceremonies broadcast live on 24 August and 5 September 2021. It is estimated that the broadcasts will reach over 250 million viewers in Africa.

Our MSc in Disability, Design and Innovation at UCL

Technology has the potential to change lives, no more so than in the emerging area of disability innovation. We're looking for the next generation of pioneers.

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