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Graduation of our latest Disability, Design & Innovation Masters cohort: a new wave of pioneers begins

When design engineering meets global policy and the societal context of disability, something very special happens here at UCL.

We know how technology has the potential to transform lives, and the emerging area of disability innovation which includes Assistive Technology (AT) is no exception.

Our one-year master’s degree programme in Disability, Design and Innovation MSc is a unique partnership between three of the UK’s top universities , UCL, Loughborough University London and the London College of Fashion.

Delivered by academic experts with a passion for their fields, this is an interesting and very exciting learning experience that blends research, engineering, and design skills. Students learn how to tackle complex problems faced by people with a range of disabilities and develop relevant skills to work in this rapidly expanding landscape.

Graduation photo of MSc cohort in gowns, throwing hats into the air

Congratulations class of 2023!

At a special graduation ceremony in London last week, our Disability, Design and Innovation MSc graduating students proudly accepted their awards much to the delight of their family, friends and supervising staff.

Every graduating student has worked extremely hard. Their dedication to making the world a better place for disabled people through innovation and technology, has been evident to see.

They now have the skills and knowledge to apply design thinking to the complex problem of disability and to ensure that more people are reached with life-changing technology and with the services needed to provide and repair them.

At GDI Hub, we’re excited to see where their journeys will take them and the impact that they’ll undoubtedly have within the disability space and beyond.

Join us to address global challenges

For anyone who recognises disability equality and inclusion as a fundamental human right, this programme is where creative minds, innovative approaches and co-creation to tackle global challenges from new perspectives are brought together. If you want to make changes, drive policies and foster sustainable communities in a supportive, dynamic environment – you’re in the right place.

Dr Youngjun Cho, Associate Professor at UCL Computer Science, Director of MSc Disability, Design and Innovation MSc and Computer Scientist describes what new students can expect on the programme

“You will be learning about how to conduct research and how to develop your own physical and digital prototype that can be used in the real world. We will be helping you to contribute to technology, research and design-driven disability innovation at a time when it is more essential than ever”

Dr Youngjun Cho, Associate Professor at UCL Computer Science

We're looking for the next generation of pioneers

Could that be you? Applications for 2024 open in October this year, so look out for further information, sign-up to our Global Disability Innovation Hub newsletter and follow us on social media.

Photo of graduation hall - full of students in gowns
Large UCL Grads sign outside graduation hall