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From PhD's to MSc, webinars to global education products - we collaborate with global partners to share expertise and maximise impact. Our Disability, Design and Innovation MSc is the first of it's kind. Our research portfolio is driving the global conversation and shaping the future of Disability Innovation.

MSc students sitting watching presentation in seminar

Teaching highlights

Three Graduates stand outside a UCL sign on graduation day with 2 professors from the MSc programme. One graduate is using walking aids, and all three (one man and two women) are wearing graduation robes. The large UCL letters are painted brightly and all the people in the photo are smiling warmly at the camera.
Disability, Design and Innovation MSc at UCL

Design engineering meets global policy and the societal context of disability, our multidisciplinary programme takes theory into practice. We're supporting the next generation of pioneers in the disability innovation field.

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Image of urban space in India, with flooded access points
Asian Development Bank - Inclusive Education Teaching

Building knowledge and capacity around disability inclusion, inclusive design, and assistive technology among Asian Development Bank Developing Member Countries. Delivered through design and delivery of an inclusive design training bootcamp.

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Lincoln Wamae, Founder of Linccell Technology at a press event
Innovate Now Toolkit

The open entrepreneurship toolkit is a set of learning materials to support entrepreneurs to solve problems through creating and compare different solutions Covering the domains of user, product, market and business development, the toolkit supports our GDI Accelerate activities - such as Innovate Now, Africa's First Assistive Tech accelerator.

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