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Themes: Assistive & Accessible Technology, Inclusive Design, Culture and Participation, Climate & Crisis Resilience

Supporting ADB with Strengthening Poverty and Social Analysis - Disability Inclusion


In 2019, ADB approved the regional knowledge and support technical assistance (TA) on Supporting the Operational Priority 1 Agenda: Strengthening Poverty and Social Analysis to support the implementation of Strategy 2030, specifically in advancing operational priority 1’s agenda of addressing remaining poverty and reducing inequalities. The TA was designed to strengthen the disability aspect of the poverty and social analysis approach of ADB, which is key to increasing social inclusion and poverty reduction outcomes in the region.

Specifically, GDI Hub contributes to Strategic research and knowledge exchange on poverty reduction and social inclusion strengthened and Innovative approaches to poverty and social analysis applied in selected projects of ADB’s Operational Priority Agenda. GDI Hub do this by building knowledge and capacity around disability inclusion, inclusive design, and assistive technology among ADB Developing Member Countries (DMCs) through design and delivery of an inclusive design training or bootcamp for ADB staff and DMCs. Secondly, GDI Hub prepares AT research studies and knowledge products that raise awareness and help build ideas on different aspects of disability inclusion. Finally, GDI Hub input into specific projects through preparing and presenting strategic research on different aspects of disability inclusion in ADB projects and share knowledge on inclusive design and assistive technology during engagement forums.


Through this project, the Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) is:

  • Reviewing and updating guidance and analytical tools used to identify, assess, and address the poverty and social dimensions of ADB’s operations;
  • Providing capacity building and technical support for developing member countries (DMCs) on designing and implementing projects that focus on strengthening poverty reduction and social inclusion
  • Undertaking strategic research on emerging vulnerability and social issues in Asia and the Pacific; and

Supporting DMCs in implementing innovative poverty and social analysis (PSA) approaches.

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Achieving Impact

Wendy Walker on Inclusive Design Bootcamp Launch Event - Jumpstarting S2030: Tapping the Power of Inclusive Design! – “I add my very big thanks to each of you for your time, effort and contribution. It was an excellent session – went beyond my expectations – and was exactly the kind of catalytic moment we were striving for to start things moving with the bootcamp and beyond. Although we could not see them, I am getting messages rolling in from the audience with great appreciation for the session. Very much looking forward to our next steps and thanks again to all for helping to create and deliver such a successful launch.”

Wendy Walker on Inclusive Design Bootcamp delivery – “Thank you for delivering an excellent two-week bootcamp. It was on target and looks like from the feedback in the sessions and what we have heard afterwards highly appreciated by our colleagues. I know it took a small village on your side to make sure that all went to plan so greatly appreciate the effort by all. And especially Iain and Shivani who spoke so eloquently and brought the issues alive.”

Wendy Walker on Inclusive Design Bootcamp delivery– “Very much appreciate all the effort to work with our teams in urban and social development and to respond to our funding sources for the e-learning program. We are all looking forward to that. We certainly did manage to get a lot done this year and that deserves big kudos to all. Next year will hopefully be even more exciting and lead to some substantial gains.”

Social Development Thematic Group Team on reflecting on the ADB and GDI Hub partnership in 2021 – “Thanking you for our partnership in 2021 and looking forward to future collaboration in 2022!”

Wendy Walker on the ADB and GDI Hub partnership – “Much appreciate all the team has done to date and wish you a great break and thorough recharge. As always look forward to continuing together.”