Academic Research Centre

GDI Hub is a research and practice centre driving disability innovation for a fairer world.

GDI Hub engages with its founding academic partners through an Academic Board led by UCL.

The Academic Board is chaired by the Academic Director Professor Catherine Holloway of GDI Hub and each academic institute is represented by an Academic Associate Director.

The Board has oversight of the MSc Disability Design and Innovation, and actively seeks the growth of the ARC, and broader ecosystem, through facilitating funding opportunities for research between partners.

The ARC conducts academic research, designs new products, supports disability innovation, teaches the world’s first MSc in Disability, Design and Innovation and builds academic networks to solve challenges.

ARC offers the following services:

  • World leading research and development. We offer world-class research, developing novel technologies, policies, products and service design. We can collect new, or reinvestigate existing data to inform innovative ways to meet needs.
  • Deep AT knowledge from our WHO Global Collaborating Centre on AT – testing new ways of getting assistive technology to the 900 million people who need it around the world.
  • MSc in Disability, Design and Innovation. Driving a new generation of pioneers by teaching expertise in the first course of its kind; available in new and bespoke formats for organisations too.
  • Technical Assistance; to mainstream disability innovation, helping to make and deliver global commitments, and train and support staff.
  • Inclusive innovation resources. Providing open-source tools for start-ups and businesses.
  • Investable approach to harnessing AI for Disability Innovation.
  • Creative input to design and deliver participatory projects.
  • Access to our growing networks, leading the movement for change.
  • Speakers and media contributions. Sharing our expertise in disability innovation and it’s potential for global change.

Find out more: GDI Hub Academic Research Centre UCL site.

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Academic Director Professor Catherine Holloway teaching the first cohort of DDI MSc students
Academic Director Professor Catherine Holloway teaching the first cohort of DDI MSc students

Transformative outcomes can be achieved by doing things differently. We bring together the coalitions that others haven’t, to lead new thinking which can overcome intractable barriers to participation.