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Welcome to GDI Hub Accelerate

Driving disability innovations for a fairer world

Welcome to GDI Hub Accelerate!

Be a part of the ecosystem of change.

GDI Hub believes that every disabled person should have access to the innovations they need to participate in life and realise their human rights. To make this happen, more needs to be done to bring innovators together to create an ecosystem of change, which will break down market barriers and support disability innovation to become better established and to eventually scale and challenge the current perceptions of the sector.

GDI Hub Accelerate is our answer and we need you to make it work.

GDI Hub Accelerate is the driving force for the growing disability innovation sector from a fragmented, misunderstood sector into a coherent and strong one that can provide affordable, appropriate and accessible disability innovations. We believe that the right solutions for disabled people are local solutions. Locally inspired disability innovations that are appropriate to where disabled people are and want to be. With the fact that most disabled people are located in in low and middle-income countries and taking into account the evidence we’ve developed through our research and experience in international programmes, we know there is so much that can still be done to support innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve success and bring disability innovations to millions.

GDI Hub Accelerate: We’re starting an Innovation Network

GDI Hub Accelerate is partly an innovation network, which brings together global stakeholders around one mission – to accelerate disability innovation through partnership and collaboration which will provide support for innovators at every level of the innovation journey, from hackathons, through to start-up entrepreneurship and scale-up venture building.

GDI Hub Accelerate is for innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, inventors, assistive technology enthusiasts to contribute to knowledge exchange, share experiences, be a part of our Accelerate events, and create new partnerships to further our mission of growing the sector.

GDI Hub Accelerate is more than an innovation accelerator and it’s more than just a network. GDI Hub Accelerate is addressing the core challenges that we, and others in the disability movement, have identified which have previously limited and, in some cases, prevented the successful establishment of the disability innovation sector. GDI Hub Accelerate:

  • Provides bespoke support for disability innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve scale – building on five years of GDI Hub’s experience in research, innovation, teaching, programme implementation and advocacy to plug the gaps in the current innovation ecosystem and linking innovators to the world best technical knowledge and field testing;
  • Aims to challenge structural barriers to accelerate the size of the sector and increase investment through a sector wide approach.

Be a part of GDI Hub Accelerate – join the ecosystem for change

For GDI Hub Accelerate to truly drive disability innovations for a fairer world, we need you. It only takes two simple steps to join GDI Hub Accelerate: register below, through the member registration form; and log in to GDI Hub Accelerate on Discord.

Log in to GDI Hub Accelerate on Discord

GDI Hub Accelerate’s network uses Discord, an accessible platform, which offers a central place to capture GDI Hub Accelerate’s activities. You can use the Discord mobile app, the Discord desktop application, or the Discord website in any web browser to connect with other GDI Hub Accelerate members and staff. You will need to create a Discord account, if you don't have one yet.

After completing the member registration, please log in to the GDI Hub Accelerate space on Discord by clicking the log in button below, and start sharing experiences, tell the community about you and your innovations, and offer your expert advice. Help us build the shared space into the shape you think it will be most useful. Read the getting started with Discord guide to make the most out of the server and have a pleasant on-boarding experience.


We will regularly update and expand the GDI Hub Accelerate related web pages and the Discord server with new announcements, information, and other details. Please check-in on this page regularly over the next few months for the latest news around Accelerate.

GDI Hub is also not responsible for the views and opinions expressed in the network. It’s expected that members will be respectful of others.