Domain: Innovation

Themes: Assistive & Accessible Technology

GDI Hub Accelerate

The global agency for disability innovation. A powerhouse of insight, innovation and technical excellence - we design, test, and scale solutions.

We work with start-ups, ventures, business, bilateral organisations, and governments to harness the value of innovation through our Insights Hub, Venture Studio and Bespoke Consultancy.

1. Insights Hub [for new ideas]

An accessible collection point for leading edge research, data, evidence and insight. Providing the foundations for start-ups, businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers to explore global knowledge critical to the development of new AT products.

2. Venture Studio [for acceleration]

We develop global programmes to nurture the next generation of Assistive Tech (AT) pioneers. By lowering the barriers to participation, we create a safe space for ventures and start-ups to rapidly explore new concepts and business models to create market ready products. The venture studio includes resources and tools alongside our proven AT accelerators; Innovate Now (Africa first AT accelerator bringing start-ups to market), and the Assistive Tech Impact Fund (providing grant capital alongside venture building to scale tested solutions in new markets). Complete our innovator enquiry form to tell us about your product and the help you require. We'll let you know about our upcoming programme opportunities and help open doors.

3. Bespoke Consultancy [for rapid scaling]

We work with business, governments, and multilateral organisations to deliver global AT solutions across ecosystems - taking a product or idea to a global market. Unlocking new innovation pathways we overcome wicked problems, tackling product and market-based challenges to maximise impact. Working directly with organisations and business, we'll use our expertise across research, design, development, manufacturing and supply chains to take products and ideas to national and global markets.

Brave. Creative. Human.

We challenge the structural barriers to market, bringing together stakeholders to test, scale and accelerate disability innovation on a global scale.

We are at the forefront of disability innovation globally - with expertise across Assistive Tech, Inclusive Design, ICT, Human-Computer Interaction and Development. Get in touch via our Innovator Enquiry Form if your product, business or idea needs support in one of these areas, or send an enquiry for bespoke consultancy.

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