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13 October 2022
13:00 UK / 08:00 EST

Inside the Assistive Tech Impact Fund

Webinar postponed: we've got some exciting new research insights in the pipeline, and so have decided to re-arrange this webinar to later in the year so we can share the full findings from the Assistive Tech Impact Fund.

The market for Assistive Tech (AT) is significant, the numbers speak for themselves. For every $1 sent on AT there is a $9 return to families and society.

The Assistive Tech Impact Fund was the first of it's kind - an accelerator that brought together catalytic capital with expert-led venture-building to propel some of the most promising AT ventures in Africa.

The innovation journey of these ventures has provided a view into the scale of opportunity, the challenges for entrepreneurs and the importance of ecosystem development in Africa.

By testing innovative product, service and business models, the AT Impact Fund has been able to unlock new understanding. This webinar will be an opportunity for the team behind the AT Impact Fund to share their reflections, evidence and research. We’ll hear from Wazi - a Ugandan startup developing glasses for African faces - and Miracle Feet - an NGO who have designed an affordable clubfoot brace and service, alongside innovation researchers, and the those that led the programme including:

  • Professor Catherine Holloway, Academic Director GDI Hub
  • Lea Simpson, Founder of BRINK
  • Louisa Cotton, Innovation Researcher

We'll also be launching the AT Impact Fund Playbook - an extensive resource sharing the reflections and learnings from the programme, the innovation journeys and the wider ecosystems the ventures operate within.

This event will be the first opportunity from the wider research team -exploring what we now know about the sector as a whole and how these learnings will power impact moving forward.

Text graphic: writing the opportunity of a billion - Inside the Assistive Tech Impact Fund. with images of eyeglasses and a foot brace for club foot