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Episode 3 of Innovation Action Insights podcast now live - exploring Sustainability & Circular Economy

The third episode of Innovation Action Insights podcast is now live.

Episode 3

In 2019 the 16-years old Greta Thunberg stepped on the podium of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and invited us to stop hoping and start panicking. Her powerful speech reminded us that the climate emergency affecting our planet is a crisis concerning us all and that tacking it requires transformational global actions. In the last few years, discourse around the need for more innovations aimed at lowering our carbon footprint, reduce waste and harnessing clean energy sources had finally started to gain more traction as people realise the importance of environmental sustainability. However, much of this discourse if focused on high income countries with little attention being paid to both the challenges affecting much of the Global south and the creative solutions that have been developed by many innovators.

In this episode we’ll hear the amazing stories of two different ventures in Nigeria and Kenya which hold innovation and sustainability at their core and we’ll learn about how they have been leveraging technology, partnerships and creativity to bring value to the environment and their communities.

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