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Themes: Culture and Participation

GDI Hub researcher students win UCL Computer Science Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Student Awards

GDI Hub PhD students Maryam Bandukda and Roxana Ramirez Herrera were among the winners at the UCL Computer Science Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Awards.

The EDI Student Awards recognise outstanding student achievements in promoting or enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. This important initiative has highlighted the brilliant work being carried out by UCL students championing EDI.

Maryam’s recent project with UCL East Public Engagement Trellis Programme, Material Conversations received second position. Maryam co-led the project with artist Caroline Wright, exploring multi-sensory art and storytelling with blind and partially sighted people. A co-design workshop was held in partnership with East London charity, Beyond Sight Loss at the Tower Hamlets library where the participants explored the senses of touch, smell, hearing, and thermoception through interacting with a range of objects.

Roxana has led GDI Hub’s work on promoting STEM careers with In2Science, recognised as the first runner up award. GDI Hub will be hosting four students from disadvantaged backgrounds in August 2022. This will be a brilliant opportunity for the students to be based at the world leading research and innovation centre in disability inclusion and assistive technology. We look forward to future outreach and community partnerships to inspire the next generation of STEM researchers and innovators.