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GDI Hub Celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities

A collage of illustrations showing a blade runner, a sign language speaker, a wheelchair user, and a guide dog user
International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Today on the 3rd December is "International Day of Persons With Disabilities" (IDPD). The annual day, proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, serves to promote the rights of disabled people in all areas of life and well-being and increase global awareness about the key issues facing disabled people around the world. The 2021 theme is “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world".

To mark this important date GDI Hub are celebrating by amplifying the voices of disabled people through a series of blogs and conversations.

Every person brings a unique perspective, an expert in their own experience. Each story, each voice, is an opportunity to change the narrative on disability, contributing to a collective call to action to make disability rights a reality.

Happy #IDPD 2021!


IDPD Talk Series

Showcasing the UN theme of “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world”, GDI Hub have produced a series of short video sessions.

Participation and Leadership in Research and Innovation

GDI Hub PhD researcher, Maryam Bandukda and Innovation Manager, Daniel Hajas discuss the importance of leadership and participation of disabled people in technology research and innovation in the post-COVID world.

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Inclusive Design and Sustainability

GDI Hub Advoacy and Engagement co-ordinator and MSc DDI graduate, Kate Mattick and GDI Hub Inclusive Design researcher, Mikaela Patrick discuss Mikaela's important work around Inclusive Design and Sustainability in recognition of the UN theme.

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Blog Posts

GDI Hub are delighted to present the following blog series to celebrate the diverse experiences of disabled people and highlight the impact of advocacy and assistive technology access to improve the lives of disabled people.

"Education is a Tool"

Msafiri Msedi, MSc in Disability, Design and Innovation 2019-2020 Graduate and Snowdon Trust Scholar reflects on his MSc journey through COVID-19 and the impact of education on his personal life and career.

"My Blue Brick Journey"

Laura Bibby (Instagram: @blue_brick_disability), disability advocate, senior manager and nurse of 22 years at the NHS, gives a candid account of her experiences as a disabled wheelchair user, the resilience of disabled people in the face of challenges in professional and personal life.

Assistive Technology through COVID-19

Hannah Rose (@Hanrosey) Author of "Same Both Ways" discusses the positive impact of assistive technology in improving access to education, employment and independence for disabled people.

Inclusive design as essential goods

Ching-Shiuan JIANG, member of the GDI Hub's Inclusive Design Network and Founder of Extrodinary Goods, highlights the importance of inclusive design as essential goods which not only serves disabled people but by design also helps a diverse group of people. Driven by the absence of inclusive and accessible products motivated her to launch her own e-commerce business.