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Zikun Quan


Zikun is currently a PhD student at Disability Innovation Hub, department of computer science, and UCL interaction center (UCLIC), supervised by Prof. Cho, Youngjun, Prof. Zhao, Hubin and Prof. Carlson, Tom. Zikun's PhD focuses on employing brain-computer interface (BCI) and artificial intelligence techniques to enhance the well-beings and life quality of individuals with neurodegenerative sensory disorders. And his current focus is on BCI and AI empowered neuro-steered hearing aid devices, to help individuals with sensorineural hearing loss to acquire better hearing in noisy environments. Previously, Zikun worked as a design system analyst in Foster & Partners, Ltd, London Headquarter, Applied Research and Development (ARD) team, focusing on VR/AR/XR, mobile robot and computational tools. He graduated from MSc Architectural Computation, UCL with Golden medal and Alistair Turner Dissertation Prize and his bachelor's degree is B.Eng Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation from shandong University, China.

A photo of Zikun in a black suit and white shirt smiling at the camera