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Vikas Upadhyay

Visiting Researcher

Themes: Assistive & Accessible Technology

About me

Hi, I am a Research Scholar in the Assistive technology lab, School of Information Technology, IIT Delhi, India, supervised by Prof. M. Balakrishnan. I have done my Bachelor and Master of Technology in Electronics. I was an associate researcher in Assistech Lab, before joining for my Ph.D. at IIT Delhi. My research touches upon indoor navigation and accessibility issues to understand and create sustainable technology solutions that can analyze and annotate building maps and suggest the possible cue manifestation to create an inclusive indoor space. I am also interested in developing affordable technology solutions for the elderly and people with visual disabilities. I have some experience in doing so through multiple assistive technological innovations and research projects at Assistech Lab in partnership with disability organizations in India.

About Project

This project includes two complementary modules to create indoor spaces more accessible for all considering people with visual impairment as prime users in low-resource settings.

Built environments provide enough cues to support navigation and accessibility to their visitors. Technology can capture, update, highlight or redefine these cues in a more inclusive and transparent way to the visitors through indoor maps. The first module, IncluMap which looks into inclusive mapping aspects and provides an easy and scalable mapping mechanism for indoors.

Indoor accessibility is the ability of the user to reach a point of interest and access the associated functionalities. Technology can find your position to deliver the required information in real-time over smartphones. The second module, IncluNav looks into the navigation and accessibility aspect and offers a smartphone application to navigate and access the relevant information.

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