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Tigmanshu Bhatnagar


Tigmanshu is a PhD student at the Global Disability Innovation Hub and the UCL Interaction Centre supported by the Overseas Research Scholarship and the Graduate Research Scholarship. His thesis focuses on haptic displays for sensory substitution. At present, he is building a refreshable braille and graphical display interface for blind and partially sighted people and has received further support for this project by the UCL-IITD Strategic University Partners Seed Fund. As a part of the ARC, he supports multiple modules of the Disability Design and Innovation Masters programme.

Tigmanshu has a background in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. In the past, he was a Guest Faculty at the Department of Design, IIT Delhi and a soft robotics researcher at Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, EPFL. He has also been involved in Assistive Technology related projects with ICRC New Delhi, AIIMS New Delhi, IIT Delhi and IIT Madras.

Here you will find a list of his publications and you can also access his some of his work:

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