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26 October 2021
12:00 UK / 07:00 EST

Disability Innovation Live Series. An Inclusive Future: Disability Inclusive and Climate Resilient Cities

A building with 3 steps to access the door. A plank of wood sits from the ground level to the first step, is broken and inadequately providing a solution to access the door
In Varanasi buildings are built off street level to mitigate flood risk. The ramp pictured here is helping to cross an open drain but is not providing accessible access to this open door.

Ahead of COP 26 GDI Hub are focusing the next Disability Innovation Live webinar to be on disability inclusive climate resilience in cities.

Disabled people must be included in conversations about climate resilient futures. At GDI Hub we believe that there is an untapped resource in the nexus of climate resilience and disability inclusion: inclusive design. The design and planning of the urban built environment and infrastructure has a crucial role in a more equitable and resilient future. Applying a lens of disability inclusion and inclusive design to the design of sustainable, urban solutions will create opportunities for resilience and ensure marginalised groups are not left behind.  

We will hear from speakers in organisations like GDI Hub, Asian Development Bank and Kota Kita who will discuss infrastructure and urban development projects in countries including Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Kenya. They will draw out issues and challenges the projects faced in terms of both inclusion and sustainability or resilience and look at what was done to address them.

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Speakers Include:

Lloyd Wright

Senior Urban Development Specialist at Asian Development Bank

Mary Keogh

Advocacy Director for CBM Global

Colour profile image of Dr. Maria Kett
Dr Maria Kett
Co-Founder, Associate Director and Head of Humanitarian and Associate Professor at UCL
Asih has dark, shoulder length hair and is smiling towards the camera

Asih Radhianitya

Program Officer of Urban Resilience Initiatives at Kota Kia
Colour image of Mikaela Patrick
Mikaela Patrick
Inclusive Design Researcher at Global Disability Innovation Hub
Colour image of Ben Oldfrey.
Dr Ben Oldfrey
Research Fellow working between the Global Disability Innovation Hub and the Institute of Making

GDI Hub at COP26

GDI Hub is hosting a side event at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) on Thursday the 11th of November that will set an agenda for the inclusive design of more climate resilient cities. To prepare for this event, we want to bring together our network to collect best practices and community-led solutions that can be showcased at COP.

Examples of best practice

If you are working in the space of disability inclusion and climate resilience or sustainability please fill out this form to help us collect examples of best practice ahead of a series of events leading to COP26. Let us know about your work and we will get in touch!