Domains: Research, Advocacy

Themes: Inclusive Design

Disability Interactions (DIX) Manifesto

Women standing and man in wheelchair using a mobile device next to an art sculpture

Welcome to the Disability Interaction (DIX) domain. The aim is to bring together researchers and practitioners from disciplines relevant to DIX, to create a repository of relevant literature and develop discussions within the community on how DIX can evolve.

DIX was first proposed in a Manifesto published in ACM Interactions, 26(2) 2019.

DIX puts disability front and center in the design process, and in so doing aims to create accessible, creative new HCI solutions that will be better for everyone, including poor communities, which disabled people are more likely to be part of. DIX design presents significant challenges and will require a global network of researchers, users, and collaborators to succeed in reducing the inequalities faced by the world's billion disabled people. If you would like to join this movement, which is determined to achieve breakthrough technologies that will ensure no one is left behind, you are warmly invited to join the community by completing our DIX sign-up form.

Principles of DIX

  • Openness to radically different interactions.
  • Acknowledgement that disability inclusion is a wicked problem.
  • Co-created solutions.
  • Value use and usefulness.
  • Open and scalable.


From May 2020 we have started working on the taxonomy of past research on disability and technology and we will look at how and when DIX principles have been used or not. We hope to publish this DIX taxonomy in 2022.