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MiracleFeet: The human impact of foot braces in Nigeria and Liberia

A child is wearing the miraclefeet brace. The brace is attached to his shoes and keeps his feet in a turned out position. The child is being held by his mother and smiling at a clinician, grabbing his hand
Photo Credit: MiracleFeet

A New Report from AT2030 Innovation Insights:

MiracleFeet: the human impact of foot braces in Nigeria and Liberia

The Assistive Technology Impact Fund (ATIF), part of the AT2030 programme, has committed investment to support the company MiracleFeet, who provide clubfoot treatment to children in LMICs.

To better understand and evidence the impact of MiracleFeet's work for children living with clubfoot, ATIF commissioned 60 Decibels to conduct research using specifically designed tools that could measure the impact of assistive technology.

The results are shared in this insightful report, including findings from 200 parents and guardians of Nigerian and Liberian children who have undergone treatment using the MiracleFeet brace.

The results were overwhelmingly positive.

Key highlights taken from the report:

  • 200 parents and guardians of children receiving MiracleFeet treatment in Nigeria and Liberia were surveyed using the Assistive Technology Impact Measurement survey.
  • 98% of children who used the MiracleFeet brace experience improved quality of life. Parents and guardians of children using the brace attributed the improvement to their child’s ability to move, stand, play, and forge positive relationships.
  • Parents and guardians of children undergoing Miracle Feet brace treatment are highly satisfied and loyal towards the company, with a Net Promoter Score ® of 88.