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Inclusive Environments - Built by Us Interview Iain McKinnon

Iain McKinnon, Director of Inclusive Design and Co-Founder of GDI Hub was recently interviewed by Built By Us, an award winning built environment team and social enterprise.

A headshot of Iain McKinnon, a white man with dark hair and a beard who is looking towards the camera smiling
Iain McKinnon, Co-Founder and Director of Inclusive Design

In this brilliant blog, transcribed from the interview, Iain is asked a series of questions ranging from his career background to what an inclusive environment looks like:

It should not be obvious to anyone, it should be invisible like it's not something that you would walk into and say, this is an inclusive environment. It's just an environment. The one thing you may notice is that there's a richer diversity of people in it. I guess that is something that you may notice.

Head to Built By Us blog page to find out the answers to all Iain's questions and to learn more about the team and work behind Built By Us.