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13 September 2023
09:30 UK / 04:30 EST

Disability Innovation Summit [DAY 2]

Exploring a new horizon

Disability innovation tomorrow... what next

SECTION 1 [9.30-11.00 BST]

Vicki Austin smiling

Vicki Austin - GDI Hub CEO

A new horizon: on joy and justice
Chris Patnoe profile picture - Chris is a white male with a navy blue shirt smiling at the camera

Chris Patnoe - Google

Inclusive innovation & AI
Dr Kush Kanodia holding the paralympic torch over his head while in a white track suit

Dr Kush Kanodia- Disability rights and race equality champion, a multiple award-winning social entrepreneur and a systems leader.

How disabled people are leading innovation and systems change in the UK
Rama in a white shirt looking at the camera while smiling

Rama Gheerawo- Director, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art RCA Reader in Inclusive Design

Creativity, design, leadership, and tech - where we are and what comes next
A white man with short hair, smiling towards the camera

Nick Gompertz - AAC innovator/ developer and former NHS doctor

What next for disability innovation; assistive tech build in as the new standard of tech accessibility for all?
Puneet with black hair, wearing a checked shirt while smiling at the camera

Puneet Singhal, Global Network Young People with Disabilities

Disability Justice and Stigma – Pathways to Change

BREAK [11.00-11.30 BST]

SECTION 2 [11.30-13.00 BST]

Professor Sujath with black and grey hair smiling at the camera. She is wearing spectacles

Sujatha Srinivasan-Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Madras Honorary Professor, UCL.

Beyond Barriers: Journeying from Exclusion to Inclusion with Rehabilitation Research and Device Development (R2D2) and National Center for Assistive Health Technologies (NCAHT-IITM).
An Indian female with long black hair wearing spectacles.

Roshni Poddar- Research fellow at Microsoft in Bangalore

Learning opportunities for blind students - numeracy, logical thinking and accessible artifacts.SEEDS: Scalable Educational Experiences with Digital Scaffolding (for students with vision impairments)
Vicki Austin smiling

Vicki Austin - GDI Hub CEO

Para sport: a vehicle for community level social change? Legacy around the London Paralympics.
A coloured photo of Jennie

Jennie Wong- Project Manager for Para Sport Against Stigma

Can para-sport drive community level change in Sub Saharan Africa?
Samuel on a wheelchair

Samuel Nakhozwe Nkhoma - I’mPOSSIBLE Educator/Para athlete/Lawyer

Can para-sport drive community level change in Sub Saharan Africa?
Prof Mufunaji, balck male smiling at the camera

Prof. Mufunanji Magalasi- Associate Professor of drama and development communication at the University of Malawi.

Can para-sport drive community level change in Sub Saharan Africa?

LUNCH [13:00-14.00 BST]

SECTION 4 [14.00-15.30 BST]

Black and white photograph of Pascal. A white man looking towards the camera wearing a suit

Pascal Bijleveld- CEO of ATScale

Catalyzing action for millions more people to access assistive technology in LMICs.
Photo: Lydia smiles and tilts their head slightly to the side, looking confidently at the camera. They are a young-ish East Asian person with a streak of teal in their short black hair, wearing glasses, a cobalt blue jacket and navy tie, with a blue copper wall behind them. Photo by Sarah Tundermann.

Lydia X. Z. Brown - Founding Executive Director, The Autistic People of Color Fund Vice Chair & Past President, Disability Rights Bar Association Lecturer in Disability Studies and Women's and Gender Studies, Georgetown University

Resisting Cooptation of Disability Justice Revolutionary Dreams.
Dr Leda Kamenopoulou, a white female with curly black hair and an orange top smiling at the camera.

Dr Leda Kamenopoulou- Associate Professor, IOE, UCL.

Accessibility and inclusion for deafblind people living in the Global South.
Photograph of Pollyanna a white woman wearing a dark blue Jumper. Pollyanna is outside, it is a sunny day

Pollyanna Wardrop GDI Hub-Financial Inclusion Researcher

Systems Strengthening, Disability innovation and Finance: is it possible to create the mechanisms for change?
Kathryn Townsend a white female wearing spectacles smiling at the camera

Kathryn Townsend- Head of Customer Vulnerability Government Disability & Access Ambassador (banking sector)

Systems and action to advance disability inclusive financial services in the UK.
Colour photograph of Ben Oldfrey, a white man with short dark hair wearing a dark shirt and smiling towards the camera

Ben Oldfrey- GDI Hub

Local Innovation and Production Ecosystem Building in Nepal
A photo of Amit in a suit

Amit Ratna Bajracharya. Managing Director, Certified Prosthetist Orthotist Limb Care Nepal Pvt Ltd.

Local Innovation and Production Ecosystem Building in Nepal
Ganga smiling at the camera

Ganga Gurung - Occupational Therapist

Local Innovation and Production Ecosystem Building in Nepal

BREAK [15:30-16.00 BST]

SECTION 4 [16.00-17.00 BST]

A headshot of Professor Catherine Holloway in black and white filter

Professor Cathy Holloway - GDI Hub

Future tech: revolutionary solutions and AI – the new face of disability inclusion?
Colour image of Dr Youngjun.

Youngjun Cho - GDI Hub

What can AI do for assistive Technology?
A white male wearing spectacles and a blue checked shirt, smiling at the camera

Richard Cave- Speech and Language Therapist (SLT), PhD candidate at University College London.

How to make tech safe and brilliant, and accessible to others.
Brian Mwenda, a bla black male, with a beard,  wearing a grey suit, paired with a white shirt smiling at the camera

Brian Mwenda- Founder & CEO at Hope Tech; Products Director at Senses Hub

Disruptive technologies and the evolution of a mobility start-up.
Photograph of Derick, a young black man wearing a suit. Smiling towards the camera.

Derick Omari- Technology Entrepreneur, Disability Inclusion & Accessibility Consultant

The Start-up Model for Disability Innovation in Africa: A Journey through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur in Ghana.

CLOSE [17:00 BST]