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08 December 2021
14:00 UK / 09:00 EST

Disability Innovation Live: Disability Lens Investment - mapping the sector

The potential for disability innovation as an investment opportunity, and disability inclusion as a lens on investment at large, is vast and yet globally it remains a significantly under-filled gap. During this session we'll explore the evidence behind this emerging sector - identifying opportunities for growth in disability inclusion innovation.

We will be launching and sharing the work that Briter Bridges, with GDI Hub, has undertaken to map disability innovation (assistive tech and inclusive tech) across emerging markets, sharing insights on the assistive and inclusive tech ecosystems and how these intersect with other tech sectors. We will also share highlights from our work building the case for the Disability Lens Investing opportunity and new resources and tools for philanthropic funders and investors.

The Opportunity of a Billion - Disability Innovation Live: SPECIAL

A special event series to showcase current AT pioneers and explore the future role of AT in the impact investing landscape.

The series will be a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of our AT Impact Fund, hearing from the innovators, experts and investors on entering new markets, exploring never-used-before financing models and developing pioneering business models.

We'll bring together thriving AT ventures and the minds behind the AT Impact Fund from GDI Hub, Brink and Catalyst Fund to look at how the unique combination of venture building support and capital investment could change the world of impact investing, and open the door to the market of over a billion people.

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