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16 July 2020
14:00 UK / 09:00 EST

COVID-19 and Disability; Exploring a new innovation landscape

Designed to spark conversation and debate; panellists will provide an overview of their work followed by a wider discussion on the topic.

The first webinar of the GDI Hub's new digital event series took place on Thursday, 16th of July.

Exploring the impact of, and learnings from COVID-19 on Disability Innovation. We heard from those shifting their work in response to the pandemic. We also looked at how learnings from Assistive Technology (AT) are being applied to this unprecedented global environment.

Finally, there was an overview of how knowledge was captured during Ebola can support the response to this latest threat.


Colour Image of Cathy Holloway
Professor Cathy Holloway
Co-founder, Academic Director of GDI Hub and Professor at UCL’s Interaction Centre.
Colour image of Ben Oldfrey smiling at the camera
Dr Ben Oldfrey
Research Fellow working between the Global Disability Innovation Hub and the Institute of Making
Colour image of Bernard. He is holding a microphone and using an assistive tech device

Bernard Chiira

AMREF, Director of Innovate Now
Colour image of Dr. Maria Kett
Dr Maria Kett
Co-Founder of GDI Hub, Associate Director and Head of Humanitarian and Associate Professor at UCL

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