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06 December 2023
09:00 UK / 04:00 EST

Inclusive Infrastructure, Disability and Climate Change: what's needed to leave no one behind?

[This event has now concluded - a recording can be found at the bottom of this page]

At COP28 we'll bring together stakeholders working across inclusive infrastructure, disability-inclusive urban development, and climate change action to discuss partnerships and practical actions to ensure persons with disabilities are not left behind.

For disadvantaged groups, the accessibility of the built environment, infrastructure and cities is vital to ensure full participation in daily life. Evidence shows that persons with disabilities are worse impacted by the effects of the climate crisis but remain excluded from urban development processes and climate action.

As cities integrate climate adaptation and mitigation infrastructure, accessibility and inclusion must be embedded. There is no resilient and sustainable future without inclusion.

Organizations around the world are already working to bridge this gap, and this event will share what’s being done and what’s next, outlining priority actions for disability-inclusive climate infrastructure and looking at how and why people do not have equitable experiences of the world around them.

We'll consider the tools and resources that are drive inclusion and accessibility in infrastructure, cities and built environment, with the context of a low-carbon and resilient future - setting out priority actions for disability inclusive climate change infrastructure.


  • GDI Hub: Mikaela Patrick (Head of Inclusive Infrastructure and Climate)
  • World Blind Union: Marc Workman (CEO) and Hannes Juhlin Lagrelius (Program Officer)
  • C40 Cities: Luisa Miranda Morel (Senior Manager for Inclusive Climate Action)
  • UNOPS: Seema Gaikwad (Gender Mainstreaming and Social Inclusion Specialist)
  • Fatma Aljassim (Accessiblity Consultant for COP28)
  • Moderator: GDI Hub, Shivani Gupta (Senior Inclusive Design Manager)

Event recording: