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Disabled Leaders Network: Inclusive Workspaces

Uzoamaka Anita Asiegbu

Disabled Leaders Network Member

Uzoamaka is a black woman wearing a yellow dress, stood with one hand on her hip a crutch under her right arm. Uzoamaka is stood in front of a UN banner that says I am #GenerationEquality. She is smiling

Uzoamaka is the Program and Inclusion Analyst at UN Women Nigeria Country Office, she is also a member of the Disabled Leaders Network.

The Disabled Leaders network is a network developed by the Snowdon Trust and GDI Hub but driven, and led by its members. The network aims to bring together exceptional disabled leaders from across the world who can collaborate, share knowledge and support one another through academia and beyond. Find out more about the network.

Inclusive Workspaces

"With over one billion persons with disabilities globally, I think disability inclusion in the workplace is essential to an organisation’s growth. An inclusive workplace offers employees with disabilities — whether visible or invisible — an equal and equitable opportunity to succeed, learn, be compensated fairly, and advance while valuing their strengths. No proactive organisation would want to miss out on over a billion talent pool of persons with disabilities worldwide.

It is important to note that persons with disabilities are not a homogenous group. There is diversity in persons with disabilities, as two people may have the same disability yet compensate in entirely different ways."

To find out more about Uzoamaka's work and to keep reading her ideas on how to create Inclusive Workspaces head to the Disabled Leaders Network Website...

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