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Disabled Leaders Network

About the Snowdon Trust Disabled Leaders Network

The Snowdon Trust Disabled Leaders Network will provide a platform for Snowdon Trust Scholarship Holders and Alumni to build relationships with other exceptional disabled leaders, creating a hub of information, knowledge and support.

The network will provide a resource to build capacity, form relationships and drive achievement beyond academia and into the workplace.

The Disabled Leaders Network will be driven by its members, with the support of the Global Disability Innovation Hub and the Snowdon Trust. The network will expand over time, increasing opportunities and building an active community of exceptional disabled leaders doing brilliant things.

As well as providing a platform for success for its members, the Disabled Leaders Network will deliver projects to support and inspire other disabled students into higher education and beyond.

It is now 38 years since the Trust was set up by the First Earl of Snowdon. In that time we have helped more than 2,500 disabled students on the path to achieving their true potential, with grants and scholarships totalling more than £4 million. Over the years we have seen very many brilliant students, destined for fabulous futures. A few have kept in touch or contacted us again after several years. But we have never before had a mechanism in place for our students to keep in touch with us or, more importantly, each other beyond their studies. So, we are very excited to be launching the Disabled Leaders Network with the help and support of our friends at the GDI Hub.

Dr Renny Leach, Chairman of Trustees Snowdon Trust

The Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) is delighted to be supporting the Disabled Leaders Network and Give Back Programme. We’re looking forward to working alongside the brilliant Snowdon scholarship holders, grant awardees and alumni, to establish a network of disabled leaders to accelerate outcomes and impact the experience of others within further education and employment. Through collaboration, capacity building and engagement, we believe the Disabled Leaders Network will provide a foundation for future success, accelerating the reach of its members and influencing others to achieve their full potential.

Dr Catherine Holloway, Academic Director GDI Hub

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The Disabled Leaders Network is a private network of Snowdon Trust Alumni, helping to accelerate the disabled leaders of tomorrow. For aspiring disabled leaders the network is a mechanism to drive success, providing long term opportunity beyond study for those students that have been successful in securing Snowdon Trust grants or scholarships.

A space for collaboration, engagement and debate, the network will look to support other disabled students in reaching their potential.

Download the information pack below for further information.

Snowdon Scholarships

Investing in inspirational disabled leaders the Snowdon Trust funds brilliant disabled leaders through post-graduate study with scholarships of up to £30,000 (£15,000 towards fees for a UK Masters course and a £15,000 allowance while studying).

Open to national and international disabled students the Snowdon Trust and GDI Hub are looking for individuals with the ability to create change and influence others. This could include excellence within a chosen field of study, or the ability to demonstrate leadership through work place or extracurricular activities.

Snowdon scholarships are aimed at;

  • Supporting brilliant students with the ability to create change and influence others
  • Providing funding for students with excellence in a field of study, within and beyond academia
  • Accelerating disabled students to become leaders and role-models
  • Providing opportunity for individuals with the drive and determination to succeed

Snowdon Grants

Supporting students with additional disability-related costs the Snowdon Trust provides grants to help disabled students with costs that are not fully covered by the statutory funding available. Visit the Snowdon Trust website to find out more about applying for a grant.