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Furthering user centred design for assistive technology around the world

Innovation is happening across the world in all fields, and developing solutions for people with disabilities is a compelling area to innovate in. Yet in many cases, the intended users of new innovations are not meaningfully involved in the design process. Postdoctoral researcher Tigmanshu Bhatnagar is working on a programme of activity to make user centred design a central part of assistive technology innovation.

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Screenshot of report cover. A landscape review of ICT for Disability-Inclusive Education
Bangladesh | Ethiopia | Kenya | Nepal | Rwanda

World Bank: A Landscape Review of ICT for Disability-Inclusive Education

Partnering with the World Bank, GDI Hub researched and authored the ICT landscape review, exploring the use of ICT in improving the educational participation and outcomes of children with disabilities.

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India | Kenya | Nepal | Sierra Leone

Local Systems Strengthening

1 sub-project

This project is investigating the potential to strengthen local systems of AT provision and innovation to address gaps in service. Where could more localised product and service innovation complement global supply chains to unlock more sustainable and resilient AT ecosystems ? We believe there is an opportunity to create better connections between the AT community and local manufacturers, with both newer digital and traditional fabrication expertise to enable innovation and better support for AT users beyond initial provision.

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A person on a wheelchair on an uneven rocky path with grass patch and walls along the path
India | Indonesia | Kenya | Mongolia | Sierra Leone

AT2030 Inclusive Infrastructure

Participatory case studies on inclusive design and accessibility in cities. Creating enabling environments and infrastructure for assistive technology users through inclusive design.

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Innovation Action: a collaborative initiative to map global AT resources

Innovation Action is a collaborative initiative, launched by a consortium of partners brought together by innovation catalyst Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub), led by UCL Engineering and funded by UK Aid through the Frontier Technologies Hub and AT2030 programmes Our purpose is to bring people together to innovate on global challenges. We provide a space to enable people from all over the world to identify challenges and collaborate on solutions to help address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

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Group of wheelchair users and I2I project staff
Bangladesh | Kenya

Innovation to Inclusion: i2i

i2i is a three-year programme focused on technological initiatives that directly improve access to paid private sector work for people with disabilities in Kenya and Bangladesh.

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Lincoln Wamae, Founder of Linccell Technology at a press event

Innovate Now: Africa's first AT accelerator

Innovate Now is a model of building start-up ecosystems, to accelerate disability innovation in Kenya and East Africa

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A wheelchair user facing away from camera at a bright yellow table full of art supplies, the floor is orange/red chequered pattern and there are two other people at the table. It looks like a classroom.

AT2030: Assistive Technology Scoping Exercise

Funded by UK AID this focused on mapping and analysis of the innovation landscape around Assistive Technology globally with a focus on low and middle-income countries to highlight potential market failures and to scope out possible solutions.

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A woman wearing headphones using a smartphone
Africa | Kenya | Uganda

AT Impact Fund

The AT Impact Fund was established to better enable frontier technology solutions to reach people with disabilities in Africa, and to test business models that are most likely to succeed. Assistive Technology Impact Fund is operationalised as a collaboration between GDI Hub, Brink, and Catalyst Fund, providing deep expertise in AT, innovation and venture-building in Africa respectively.

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Affordable powered mobility toy for young children, with panels for children to paint on and a simple seat design.
India | Kenya

Powered mobility for young children everywhere

Young children everywhere need to be mobile - to be able to explore their world, make choices about what they want to do, who they want to play with, and where they want to go.

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An innovator is heating the socket of a prosthetic leg using a heat gun. On the top right corner is the logo of the company "Amparo" with the phrase revolutionizing prosthetics

Changing Prosthetic Service Delivery with Amparo

The GDI Hub, as a part of the AT2030 Innovation cluster, has partnered with Amparo to support them in carrying out a clinical trial to evaluate how the Amparo Confidence Socket could help the provision of lower limb prosthetics in Kenya.

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A technician is placing a 3D printed lateral postural support to the backrest of a wheelchiar

Digital Technology, to Revolutionise Wheelchair Provision with Motivation

As part of the AT2030 programme, the GDI Hub will support Motivation in testing their new wheelchair provision system in Kenya to evaluate the quality of the new designs and understand how distributed manufacturing through 3D printing could augment current wheelchair service provision models.

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