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Dr Youngjun Cho

Associate Professor at UCL Computer Science & Interim Programme Director of MSc DDI & Computer Scientist

Themes: Assistive & Accessible Technology, Climate & Crisis Resilience

Youngjun is an Associate Professor in the department of computer science at University College London (UCL) and interim Programme Director of the Disability, Design and Innovation MSc. He explores, builds and evaluates novel techniques and technologies for the next generation of physiological and affective computing that help boost disability technology innovation. He has pioneered mobile thermal imaging-based physiological sensing and affect recognition (e.g. mental stress).

He obtained a PhD from Faculty of Brain Sciences at UCL. Before joining UCL Computer Science, he was a senior research scientist at LG Electronics (2011-2018) and led a variety of industrial research projects, successfully commercializing his novel sensing and machine learning techniques (e.g. gesture-driven advanced touchscreen for vehicles).

He has authored more than 70 articles (including patents) in areas related to affective, physiological computing, machine learning, human-computer interaction and multimodal sensing and feedback. Some of the achievements have been featured in forums for the general public such as BBC News, Phys.Org, Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, and SBS News.


Youngjun's Live Projects as GDI Lead

• Consumer Experience (CX) Digital Tools for Dematerialisation for the Circular Economy 2021-2024 (Funder: EPSRC)

• Bentley Comfort AI 2020-2022 (Funder:Bentley Motors)

• Textiles Circularity Centre: Circular Bioeconomy for Textile Materials 2021-2024 (Funder: EPSRC)

• Deep Brain Communication Science 2020-2023 (Funder: NTT)

• AI in Dementia Care 2021-2022 (Funder: UCL-University of Toronto)

Current students & Alumni supervised by Dr. Youngjun Cho at University College London

As of 2022, Dr. Youngjun Cho supervises 12 students:

• Zak Morgan (PhD student, Primary supervision)

• Jitesh Joshi (PhD student, Primary supervision)

• Katherine Wang (PhD student, Primary supervision)

• Pauline Hohl (soon-to-be PhD student, Primary supervision)

• Roxana Ramirez Herrera (PhD student, Co-supervision with Prof Holloway, Dr. Carlson)

• Shu Zhong (PhD student, Co-supervision with Prof Obrist)

• Swechha Kansakar (MEng student, CS)

• Henry Drake (MSc student, HCI)

• Selina He (MSc student, DDI)

• Rafaela Baquero Aguilar (MSc student, DDI)

• Phoenix Wang (MSc student, DDI)

• Sebastian Pauwels (MSc student, DDI)

Youngjun's Physiological Computing and Artificial Intelligence Lab Alumni – primary supervision only:

• Jade Savage (Physiological Computing, 2017/18 MSc in CSML) – DeepMind Scholarship | Microfocus

• Delaney Warren (Physiological Computing & AT, 2019/20 MSc in DDI) – UCLFAA Scholarship

• Meg Obata (Physiological Computing & AT, 2019/20 MSc in DDI) – UCLFAA Scholarship

• Amit Patel (Machine Learning, 2018/19 MSc in ML)

• Chang Liu (Physiological Computing, 2018/19 MSc in DS) – Currently PhD Student

• Alok Suresh (Machine Learning, 2019/20 MSc in CSML) – Lanterne

• Zak Morgan (Machine Learning, 2019/20 MEng in CS) – Currently PhD Student

• Katherine Wang (Virtual Reality & AT, 2019/20 MSc in DDI) – Currently PhD Student

• James Wong-You (Human-Computer Interaction, 2018/19 MSc in HCI) – NHS

• Brian Min (Machine Learning, 2019/20 MEng in CS) – American Express

• Seunghoi Kim (Machine Learning, 2019/20 MEng in CS)

• Mahdi Nasrollahi (Machine Learning, 2019/20 MEng in CS)

• Su Yeon Oh (Haptics & AT, 2019/20 MSc in DDI)

• Yuliang Chen (Physiological Computing & AT, 2019/20 MSc in DDI)

• Bei Xiang (Haptics and Visual Impairment, 2019/20 MSc in DDI)

• Yu-Wei Yang (Physiological Computing and AT, 2020/21 MSc in DDI) – NHS

• Clara Moge (Physiological Computing, 2020/21 MSc in HCI, BSc from UCL) – Serco

• Yun Jung Yeh (Physiological Computing & AT, 2020/21 MSc in DDI) – JP Morgan

• William Davies (Physiological Computing, 2020/21 MSc in Machine Learning) – Amazon

• Steven McDonald (Physiological Computing, 2020/21 MSc in Machine Learning) – Precise TV

• Yuxuan Liu (Physiological Computing & AT, 2020/21 MSc in DDI) – Huawei

• Pauline Hohl (Physiological Computing & AT, 2020/21 MSc in DDI) – CareLineLive

• Tianyun Hu (Physiological Computing, 2020/21 MSc in HCI) – Huawei