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Dr Selvakumar Ramachandran

Inclusive ICT Expert Panelist

Themes: Assistive & Accessible Technology

Dr Selvakumar Ramachandran is a part of GDI Hub’s ICT expert panel (EPSRC funded INPACT project ) and as an innovator, entrepreneur and an academic is deeply committed to using technological advancements to empower people and promote inclusivity. As an adjunct professor at Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan and a tutor at the University of Oxford's Department of Continuing Education, Dr Ramachandran exemplifies the belief in advancing knowledge to break down barriers and create a more inclusive society.

Hailing from India and facing challenges as a person with disabilities (polio-affected paraplegic, wheelchair user) from a young age, D. Ramachandran's story is one of resilience and perseverance. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, India, earning recognition for his leadership and community service. His career in software engineering not only showcased his talents but also his initiative in starting a training program for individuals with disabilities, underscoring his lifelong dedication to inclusivity.

Dr Ramachandran's academic journey led him to Sweden to complete his MSc in Software Engineering at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, followed by a PhD in Information Science at the University of Rome – Tor Vergata, Italy. His work received accolades, including the Google Europe Scholar Award for Students with Disabilities, highlighting his contributions to his field.

At Kerckhoffs Ltd (UK), Dr Ramachandran spearheads the innovative Eyemmersive® project, aiming to transform the tourism industry through VR technology to make travel accessible for everyone, especially those with disabilities.

A respected member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), his research into VR-based applications has been recognized for its emphasis on accessibility and inclusion, securing funding and awards from the Innovate UK & European Commission among others.

Dr Ramachandran's profound experience, innovative drive, and advocacy for inclusivity serve as an inspiration to future engineers and technologists. His vision for a world made more accessible through technology continues to leave a lasting impact on both the academic and industrial landscapes, affirming his significant contribution to the ethos of the Global Disability Innovation Hub.

A photo of Selvakumar wearing a white shirt and a blue blazer