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Dr Guangyu Ren

Research Fellow

Dr Guangyu Ren is a Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Physiological Computing under the supervision of Dr Youngjun Cho (GDI / UCLIC / Computer Science department at UCL). He will work on two exciting inter-disciplinary EPSRC projects for Circular Textiles Economy (AI/computation and human-centred design, cognitive neuroscience, social science) to explore and develop novel deep learning and computer vision technologies for empowering consumers' interaction and inclusive experiences. Guangyu completed his PhD at the Imperial College London under the supervision of Dr Tania Stathaki. In his PhD, he investigated the potential of deep learning technologies to detect and segment salient objects in different scenarios.

Colour photograph of Guangyu Ren, an asian man with short dark hair stood outside on the bottom of a set of steps. He is smiling towards the camera