As an entrepreneur, learning how to solve problems by creating and experimenting with different strategies is a core pillar of the entrepreneurial mindset you need to succeed. However, there’s rarely a single correct way to solve problems as an entrepreneur, so you need to learn how to create and compare different solutions.

The open entrepreneurship toolkit is a set of learning materials that can help you and your team do just that. Covering the domains of user, product, market and business development, the set of cards have been designed to be used by two or more group members to actively experiment with different solutions.

Here's how to get the most from the toolkit:

1. As a team spend approximately 20 minutes sorting through and reading a few cards which are geared to either user, product, market or business development. As you look at each card, try to answer the following questions:

a. What goals would you be trying to achieve if you used this card?

b. What problems do you think you could solve using this card?

2. In your group, clearly state the problem which you want to overcome

3. Gather all of the methods cards that you think could be relevant

4. Gather all of the info cards that you think could be relevant

5. Try to come up with a strategy that can help you overcome your problem.

It might be that you are now going to try a new method to get you unstuck as a group, or you’ve found a valuable piece of information that can help you. Either way, using the toolkit cards in a collaborative way can help to stimulate solution development to some of the trickiest startup problems.