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Paris 2024 - the first Innovation Games?

Our Director Vicki Austin speaking in Paris

London was the most successful Paralympic and most accessible Olympic Games ever, still. So what can our cousins at Paris 2024 do better? Perhaps harnessing the power of innovation.

In February 2019, the British Ambassador to France hosted the first high level meeting to share Paralympic knowledge and learning at his residence in Paris. Vicki Austin, was invited to attend and speak. She was the Head of Paralympic Legacy – setting up a vision of what can be achieved when a City, and a country, managed to harness (bi-partisan) political commitment; clear focus and vision; determined and talented teams; brilliant marketing (see for example, Yes, I can by Channel 4, for Rio 2016); genuine community engagement; and absolute integration of the Olympic and Paralympic programme approaches with a fundamental commitment to legacy.

But by 2024 the world will be a generation older than it was in 2012 – times, and tech, are changing fast. What was possible in terms of AI and Assistive Technology for London will be blown out of the water by the mid 2020’s. GDI Hub are already working hard on this agenda though our AT2030 Innovation programme. We're focused on thinking about how tech can enable participation in new ways, but also how disabled people who aren’t perhaps athlete-level, can be active citizens, inspired by the Games. We continue to work with the Paris 2024 team on innovation and inclusive design and can't wait to see what's next from our friends in Paris.

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