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World Economic Forum article on 'How the US election result could light the touch paper of hope for disability justice'

Last week GDI Hub CEO, Victoria Austin, published a World Economic Forum article looking at 'How the US election result could light the touch paper of hope for disability justice'.

Focused around Kamala Harris statement “we, the people have the power to build a better future” the piece looks at the expansive notions of power help to drive social progress, how the incoming US administration represents a stride forwards for inclusion - and why this is so important for the 900m disabled people around the world that lack access to basic Assistive Technology, like wheelchairs or walking sticks.

Released on International Day of Disabled People, Joe Biden later shared his reflections on this very issue on twitter 'On this International Day of People with Disabilities and every day of the Biden-Harris administration, we'll be fully committed to dignity, equity, and civil rights for all people with disabilities. They'll always have a voice and be at the table for the critical work ahead.'

The US election might be just the spark we need to drive massive, global change in disability inclusion terms - see Victoria's article to find out more about how inclusion is central to the incoming administration, and how the President and Vice President Elect have both shown their support of disability innovation and the importance of diversity.

Image credit: @panhandle_slim_

Image credit: @panhandle_slim_
Image credit: @panhandle_slim_