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Research is my form of activism

Angerbaue Katrin posing for a photo outside UCL
Angerbaue Katrin posing for a photo outside UCL

I’m Katrin Angerbauer, born with Cerebral Palsy and a strange sense of humour. As a bookworm and writer, libraries and bookstores are my happy places.

In my PhD studies, which I do at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, I want to investigate how we can use visualizations and mixed reality to increase accessibility and awareness for people with disabilities.

Currently, I am visiting GDI Hub since the middle of May for my 2.5 month research stay as part of my research. I love being surrounded by so many fellow accessibility researchers, and really like it here in general. While I am here, I am working on a project on how to visualize access stories of lived experiences of people with limited mobility.

For me, it is important to make the needs and the abilities of disabled people visible, contributing also my own lived experience to my research. I hope in the long run I can play a small part in research that matters and research that considers all our diverse abilities to foster the change for a better world.

Interested in contributing to my research?

If you are a person with limited mobility with a passion to improve access for wheelchair users and who wants to have fun bringing that story to life with arts and crafts and technology, please complete this very short workshop recruitment form. Thank you!

Further, I am also planning to run a couple of remote studies in the future, so follow me on Twitter (@angerbkn) to stay in touch.