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Supporting emerging disabled leaders; how Judith Heumann shared her reflections with the Disabled Leaders Network

Last year we were honoured to have Judith Heumann share reflections with the Disabled Leaders Network, a community of exceptional disabled leaders made up of Snowdon Trust Scholarship holders and alumni, hosted by Global Disability Innovation Hub.

The webinar was titled: “Disability Rights, Activism and Leadership” – and who better than Judy Heumann to speak to this topic, sharing her experiences with emerging leaders of tomorrow, who are leading the way in their own fields of interest.

Judy’s wisdom, knowledge, immense passion, and aptitude for driving change shaped the conversation. Today we reflect on some of the wisdom she shared during the discussion on driving change and advocating for rights, something we can all learn from.

Towards the end of the webinar we asked Judy what her biggest hopes for the future of disabled people and communities. Judy replied;

“I want a much more outspoken group of people who are working collaboratively with other disabled people and other movements. I want leaders in communities to recognise that they have a responsibility, if they're truly looking at issues of diversity, then disabled people must be a part of it.”

Thank you, Judy, for your words, dedication and commitment to making the world a more just place. You have made changes that leave a legacy to inform, guide and influence the lives of generations to come. We will learn from your work, and continue on the path for disability justice.

More about the Disabled Leaders Network:

The DLN is a place for Snowdon Trust Scholarship winners and shortlisted applicants to connect and collaborate on pertinent issues related to disability and leadership. The members are national and international prospective students, MSc students and graduates from UK universities.. Every member brings a wealth of expertise in their own subject of interest alongside their own lived experience of disability. Through both individual and collective leadership the Snowdon Trust and GDI Hub hope the DLN can be a platform for driving change and accelerating the leaders of tomorrow into their chosen employment paths.

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A screenshot of digital webinar panel of 5 people including Judy Heumann
A screen shot from the Disabled Leaders Network discussion