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Themes: Assistive & Accessible Technology, Inclusive Design, Culture and Participation

GDI Hub launches its 2019-2020 Impact Report

Coverpage of Impact Report
Coverpage of GDI Hub's Impact Report

Our impact

Featuring highlights from 2019 and 2020 the Impact Report showcases the work of the GDI Hub and the breadth of if its partnerships.

Key projects are featured in our 5 domains of activity: Research, Teaching, Innovation, Programmes and Advocacy.

Message from our Directors

Cathy, Vicki and Iain

London was the most successful Paralympic Games in history, as well as the most accessible Olympic Games. It was from this work that we launched GDI Hub in 2016 at the Paralympic Games in Rio.

London 2012 blew open a new space for discussion and action; a new way of thinking became possible and new mechanisms to drive disability justice were developed. This is what we now call Disability Innovation. We are building this movement for change (in 33 countries so far).

Disability Innovation enables us to bring creative solutions to hard to solve problems; solutions which put communities at the heart of the decision-making process, promoting participation and autonomy. Often cultural activities and sporting events speed up change and create the momentum to do things differently.

Over the last year GDI Hub has delivered research projects; seen the first year of graduates from our award-nominated MSc; reached 2.5 million people with improved access to Assistive Technology; launched the world's first AT innovation ecosystem in Kenya; supported an inclusive innovation space in East London; and advocated for disability justice around the world.

The total value of our programme portfolio now stands at £50 million - we have had the privilege to grow fast, and we are grateful to the partners and friends who have helped to bring our vision alive.

In these uncertain times, the need to tackle issues of inclusion are greater than ever. Partnering with the world's best we continue to maximise our reach and impact. Together we can make change.

Projects showcased

  • Research - PRIME-VR2, Innovation to Inclusion (i2i), DIX: Disability Interactions (a manifesto) and Community led COVID response
  • Teaching - MSc Disability, Design & Innovation and Innovation Now (Africa's first Assistive Tech Accelerator
  • Innovation - East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone, Revolution in Wheelchair Provision, AT2030, Country Capacity Assessment & Investment, Product Narratives, Inclusive Design and COVID response (AT, PPE, Innovation Action, Ebola)
  • Advocacy - Disability Innovation Live, Snowdon Masters Scholarships, Disabled Leaders Network, Driving inclusive futures and #DisabilityInnovationDay

We hope you enjoy this report