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Themes: Inclusive Design, Climate & Crisis Resilience

GDI Hub at COP26

Event Details:

  • Date: 11th November 2021
  • Time: 9:30 - 11:00 am, Glasgow
  • Platform: Catch up Via YouTube, streamed through this page.
  • Accessibility: International Sign Language and Closed Captions were available. Find the transcripts on this page.

Disabled Voices In Climate Change:

COP26: GDI Hub to change the tide on disability inclusion

As the earth warms and water levels rise, we need to design cities that support and adapt to the reality of the human experience.

We need cities that are resilient in changing climates, that have the capacity to flex and adjust around both the needs of our planet AND the needs of our people.

Our future depends on it.

GDI Hub are thrilled to announce that at COP26 we will be placing the human experience at the centre of the climate discussion. In a trailblazer side event on the 11th November, alongside our partners the Asian Development Bank, GDI Hub will argue that as we make plans to halt climate change, to live greener, cleaner, and better, inclusion should be at the core.

The event entitled "Disability, Resilience and Inclusion in our Cities – inclusive design and community-led urban solutions for disability-inclusive climate resilience", will set an agenda for how we ensure that the 1.2 billion of persons with disabilities are able to achieve their full potential, on a healthy and sustainable planet.

We believe in a sustainable future that leaves no one behind, join us to be part of this important conversation.

Speakers Include:

Headshot of Asha, an indian lady who is looking towards the camera.

Asha Hans

(Chair) Gender, disability and climate change scholar
Headshot of Manoj Sharma looking towards the camera, he is wearing glasses and has short dark hair.

Manoj Sharma

Chief of Urban Sector Group, Asian Development Bank
A head shot of Ibnu Sina, an indoneisan man who is wearing a military-style white uniform

Ibnu Sina

Mayor of Banjarmasin, Indonesia
A headshot of Ahmad Rifai, a man looking towards the camera smiling. He is wearing a suit jacket

Ahmad Rifai

Executive Director, Kota Kita Foundation
A professional headshot of Elham Youssefian, a woman with long brown hair who is wearing a smart red jacket

Elham Youssefian

International Disability Alliance
A headshot of Iain McKinnon, a white man with dark hair and a beard who is looking towards the camera smiling

Iain McKinnon

Director of Inclusive Design, GDI Hub
Logos from left to right: Asian Development Bank, Kota Banjarmasin, Kota Kita, International Disability Alliance, AT2030, GDI Hub

With thanks to our funders:

Logos from left to right: UK Aid, AT2030, The Rockefeller foundation, Swissa Seda, Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund

What is COP26?

COP26 is the 2021 United Nations climate change conference, and this year is being held in Glasgow from Sunday 31st October to Friday 12th November.

The 26th "Conference Of the Parties" a.k.a "COP" brings together all states that are party to the Convention. It's at the annual COP summit that decisions are taken about how to take action against climate change. The 25th summit was held in Paris in 2015 and is where the Paris Agreement was born.

If you would like to find out more about the wider COP26 aims and ambitions, you can read more here.

There is only one earth: and it should be for everyone
There is only one earth: and it should be for everyone