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Global Disability Innovation Hub and Snowdon Trust to launch Disabled Students Survey exploring the experiences of students across the UK

On Monday 26th April the Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) and Snowdon Trust launched the Disabled Students Survey exploring student experience in the UK.

This survey comes at a unique time, harnessing momentum for change and capturing opportunities to build back stronger from COVID-19. The report brings new insights, including personal experiences and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on study and learning for disabled students in higher education.

About the Disabled Students Survey

Across the higher education disabled students face obstacles in harnessing and maximising their study experience. The injustice experienced in access and opportunity can span the entire university experience, from sourcing funding, accommodation and assistive technology through to social and learning opportunities. This report looks at learning experiences and wider university life, and how additional barriers can limit a students ability to engage in the full breath of opportunities available to non-disabled peers.

Developed alongside multiple stakeholders, but with a focus on disabled students voices, the report identifies challenges and barriers, and how these impact learning and outcomes. By understanding the complex and multi-faceted barriers faced by disabled students, opportunities for positive change have been identified.