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17 December 2020
13:00 UK / 08:00 EST

Race, Disability and Innovation: diversity and the disability innovation movement


Disability Innovation is an expanding field. Globally the sector is looking to engage the best pioneering minds to find solutions to the biggest challenges. Innovation is driven by different perspectives, experiences and knowledge. Diversity is essential in driving forward new and dynamic approaches.

During this session we will hear voices from around the world, reflecting on their own experiences and global knowledge about the intersectionality between race and disability. From employment to entrepreneurship, education to aspiration, we'll be asking what next to make the disability innovation space more inclusive, and exploring why diversity is critical to innovation.

Colour profile Image of Iyiola Olafimihan
Iyiola Olafimihan
GDI Hub Board member, Capacity building specialist at Disability LIB
Colour profile image of Paul Ntulila

Paul Ntulila

Assistant Project Manager
Colour profile Image of Kush Kanodia
Kush Kanodia
GDI Hub Advisory Board member, Disability Rights Champion and Trustee of Disability Rights UK.
black and white of crystal

Crystal Emery

CEO and Founder URU, The Right to Be, Inc


The exploration of the intersection of race, disability and innovation has been explored recently by Paul Ntulila from GDI Hub, he has interviewed different black disabled innovators to understand their personal journeys and the challenges they have had in their innovation work.

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