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17 February 2022
11:00 UK / 06:00 EST

Global Disability Summit Side Event: Inclusive & Resilient Futures: Disability-Inclusive Climate Resilient Cities

Global Disability Summit 2022 Side Event: The importance of resilience & inclusion to communities responding to emergencies & climate change

This event has now taken place - you can catch-up by watching the recording.

About this event

Join Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) and World Blind Union (WBU) and an expert panel to explore the role of inclusive design as a sustainable solution to create more inclusive, accessible and resilient cities.

From climate action to the pandemic we'll discuss the importance of resilience and inclusion, and the implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures for both people and planet.

We'll look at how inclusive design can create improved and equal access to education, employment, healthcare, recreation and independent living.

With global voices our expert panel will consider what we know, what we've learnt and what next for Disability-Inclusive, Climate Resilient Cities as address some of the biggest questions and priorities in the development of resilient and inclusive communities;

  • Iain McKinnon & Mikaela Patrick, Global Disability Innovation Hub
  • Hannes Juhlin Lagrulius, World Blind Union
  • Elin Fabre, UN-Habitat
  • Elham Youssefian, International Disability Alliance
  • Victor Pineda & Sandra Willis, World Enabled
  • Federico Poitier, United Cities and Local Governments

This is a side event at the Global Disability Summit 2022.

Captioning and International Sign Language will be availible for this event.

More about Disability-Inclusive Climate Resilient Cities

An inclusive built environment enables access to opportunities and services, and it also allows people to participate on an equal basis in life and culture.

Strengthening the capacity of local governments, industry professionals and Organisations of Persons with Disabilities to deliver good inclusive design will help achieve the targets and commitments as we progress towards the full implementation of the CRPD.

Cities around the world are growing and evolving quickly, whilst also being affected by changing climates and extreme weather. These issues are particularly evident in the Global South where essential infrastructure can be lacking and where 80% of Persons with Disabilities live (UNHCR).