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13 April 2023
11:00 UK / 06:00 EST

Catch-up on the launch Event: Inclusive Design and Accessibility of the Built Environment in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Image of two people on a motorbike in freetown. A man is driving, and a female passenger is holding walking aids.

Catch-up on the launch of Freetown's Inclusive Design and Accessibility of the Built Environment Case Study - part of UK aid's AT2030 programme.

This event shared findings and recommendations for infrastructure, built environment and urban development - with the aim of driving global action to more accessible and inclusive cities.

Building a picture of the current state of the built environment this event heard from decision makers, local stakeholders, communities, international funders and global experts to understand the potential for inclusive design to address barriers to inclusion for persons with disabilities.

This case study is part of the Global Disability Innovation Hub's UK Aid funded AT2030 Inclusive Infrastructure programme, which explores the role of enabling physical environments in equal access to Assistive Technology (AT).

Join GDI Hub, the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC), partners and guests as we explore this latest case study in Freetown, which is part of a series of six global city case studies researching inclusive design of the built environment in developing countries.

Catch-up on the event and report