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02 February 2022
12:00 UK / 07:00 EST

Book Launch: Disability interactions (DIX) a new approach combining cross-disciplinary methods & theories to co-create new tech

Hand holding a book with the title "Disability interactions: creating inclusive innovations"

Join us to mark the publication of Disability interactions (DIX), a new approach to combining cross-disciplinary methods and theories from Human Computer Interaction (HCI), disability studies, assistive technology, and social development to co-create new technologies, experiences, and ways of working with disabled people.

About this event

We're delighted to announce the publication of Disability Interactions, Creating Inclusive Innovations by Catherine Holloway and Giulia Barbareschi of UCLIC & Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub)

DIX focuses on the interactions people have with their technologies and the interactions which result because of technology use. A central theme of the approach is to tackle complex issues where disability problems are part of a system that does not have a simple solution. DIX pushes researchers and practitioners to take a challenge-based approach, which enables both applied and basic research to happen alongside one another.

Join us to hear from the authors and find out about this new approach in more detail. You can also see the book for more information about DIX.

"DIX aims to embrace complexity from the start, to better translate the work of accessibility and assistive technology research into the real world"

Catch-up on the book launch