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Reflections of MSc Disability, Design and Innovation 2020 - 2021

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Tim Adlam

Associate Professor

MSc DDI: Discover, design and innovate for a fairer world.

Graphic of Group F photo competition. Polaroid style photographs taken from the groups interpretation of potential new seven wonders of the world
MSc Photo Competition: "The seven new wonders of the world"

2020-21 has been a good year for UCL MSc Disability, Design and Innovation.

Our dedicated staff team transitioned the course to online learning early, and so, despite the pandemic and its constraints, we have learned and worked together to build a community and teach our diverse students online - scattered as we are across five continents of the world.

From diverse backgrounds including computer science, occupational therapy, product design, medicine and the diplomatic service, our students have learned about disability and entrepreneurship in Nairobi, they have coded software for portable sensing devices, explored medical and social models of disability, designed accessible children’s playgrounds, developed innovation platforms, and learned how to write an ethics application.

It’s not all been work though - we’ve had some fun together too, discovering and cooking our favourite recipes, hunting photos of the Seven New Wonders of the World and making the odd paper aeroplane or two.

Our students come with a great deal of experience and knowledge themselves, and so I have been pleased to see them support one another in their studies.

Every person on the course can contribute to our learning, and every contribution counts. Thank you Class of 2021 for working hard to make this a good year to be learning together. UCL MSc DDI: Discover, design and innovate for a fairer world.

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