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Q & A with: Paralympian Nyasha Mharakurwa who plays wheelchair Tennis for Zimbabwe

Image of Nyasha, a wheelchair user hitting a ball with a tennis racket at great speed
Nyasha Mharakurwa

From our #FridayFeature on the 13th August we had a chance to hear from London 2012 Paralympian Nyasha Mharakurwa who plays wheelchair Tennis for Zimbabwe.

Q: What do you love about being a Paralympian?

"It’s a prestigious tittle because once you are one, you always remain one, so it feels special."

Q: What were some of the key barriers to becoming an athlete during your career?

"Early on, opportunities to try different sports were limited. Resources to fund a custom-built tennis chair and pay for training, travel and competition fees were limited."

Q: Were there any moments in your life before becoming a Paralympian that helped your success as an athlete?

"Yes. Knowing that I had a coach who was willing to sacrifice a lot of his personal resources to help me reach my best"

Q: What advice would you give a young disabled person who might feel that becoming a Paralympian is out of their reach, what would you say?

"If you are passionate about something, and there is an opportunity, show up and give it your all. You never know how far you can go."

Q: How important is AT in Para Sport?

"AT is very important. Without it, participation is not possible in some sports. With the right AT, you are able to focus on your training and performance to become the best that you can be."

Amazing! Thanks Nyasha.

To find out more about Nyasha check out this keynote speech given by Nyasha at an event talking about GDI Hub and AT2030’s Para Sport Against Stigma Programme, hosted by Loughborough University London: