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Launching AT for a Fairer World: GDI Hub and Minister for Trade Policy marks the Global Report on AT and the WHO Collaborating Centre on AT at UCL

Hosted by Minister for Trade, Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt, Global Disability Innovation Hub are honoured to be welcoming UK and global stakeholders to a parliamentary reception on 19th May 2022 to introduce;

Assistive and Accessible Technology has come a long way in the last 5 years, and the Global Report on Assistive Technology, launched this week, is testament to all of the hard-work, knowledge and expertise gained so far - but there are big gaps and still so much more to do. As we look to the future and the ever-increasing demand for affordable, suitable and accessible AT – both the scale of the challenge and the market opportunity cannot be underestimated.

Hear from Vicky Ford MP about this important milestone for Assistive Technology in the UK and around the world, the how UK aid are working with GDI Hub through the ground-breaking AT2030 programme.

A staggering 3.4 billion people will need at least one assistive product by 2050 according to the Global Report which further explores access barriers and recommendations to pave the way forward.

The Global Report on Assistive Technology looks at the importance of research, innovation, and the need for an enabling ecosystem. GDI Hub know that AT is a space to watch, its impact on individuals, on lives, on economies and outcomes cannot be over-emphasized. AT needs global collaboration - the buy-in from governments, organisations and investors alike to ensure the report recommendations are achieved, and individuals get the AT they have the right to.

Together we can impact lives, and through doing so, benefit communities and economies alike. Hear from GDI Hub CEO at the Global Report launch.

Launching AT for a fairer world event graphic. 19th May. Parliamentary reception

The UK launch of Global Report on AT and GDI Hub new WHO Collaboration Centre on AT

We'll be showcasing the role UK aid has played since the Global Disability Summit in 2018 where the funding of AT2030 was first announced. AT2030 is a GDI Hub led programme testing ‘what works’ in improving AT access globally, and is a proud co-sponsor of the Global Report on Assistive Technology.

Thanks to UK aid, AT2030 has so far had wide and far-reaching impact. The programme has produced over 150 insight papers, reached nearly 22 million people and supported 27 AT ventures for sustainability.

AT2030 received an A+ rating from FCDO in 2019-20, recognised as exceeding expectations of UK aid funders.

Read the latest AT2030 Midterm Impact Summary here: AT2030 Impact Brochure

With a stellar line-up of speakers, this parliamentary reception will honour the progress so far; the pioneering impact of AT2030 and GDI Hub in the AT space, the launch of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Assistive Technology based at UCL Engineering and the co-sponsorship of the Global Report on Assistive Technology.

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The reception*:

Opening addresses:

Secondary addresses:

  • World Report on AT - Chapal Khasnabis, WHO
  • Global AT picture - Pascal Bijleveld, CEO ATscale
  • Power of AT - Fernando Botelho, Programme Specialist AT, UNICEF
  • AT impact for people - Kamran Mallick, CEO Disability Rights UK

Closing address:

  • Charlotte Watts, Chief Scientific Adviser and Director for Research and Evidence, FCDO

*the event itself is a closed reception - but please follow online for the latest updates