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Themes: Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design at the Design Museum

The GDI Hub team recently went to the Design Museum in London to explore collaboration opportunities around Inclusive Design Education and continue discussions with their Head of Learning.

While we were on site, we also took the chance to visit the amazing Beazley Designs of 2018 exhibition . We were highly impressed with some of the designs in terms of using tech for good and wanted to share them with you:

These are just some examples. We at GDI Hub are keen to ensure that any assistive technology we have a hand in developing fosters and encourages good design generally. This aspect cannot be underestimated as people want and will only continue to use products of good design quality.

This exhibition is an example of what is being and could be designed for the greater good. There is definitely a great opportunity here to connect the world’s best designers (upcoming and established) to the countless challenges in assistive technology we are uncovering as part of our work at GDI Hub, with AT2030 and beyond.

The front entrance of the Design Museum, A concrete building with the glass door on the left, the name central and colourful posters going off to the right.
Design Museum, London