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Themes: Assistive & Accessible Technology, Culture and Participation

My In2science placement with GDI Hub - Victoria shares her new found engineering passion

I am Victoria. I have recently just finished a week-long placement at GDI Hub under a program with In2science. Roxana, the PhD student that was my host for the week has made such a positive impact in the way I now view engineering; an industry field that is able to bridge the gap between knowledge and humanity to positively impact lives.

The placement confirmed to me that engineering is definitely something I would pursue further. The past week opened my eyes even further to what engineering can bring into this world; solutions to problems (current and future ones). Together to make this world a better place with one piece of technology at a time. The impact assistive technology can have on society is astronomical.

My favourite part about the placement wasn't just one particular thing; I absolutely loved the whole week. Each demo and interaction with the researchers was admirable. It was inspiring and motivating having the different researchers sharing their passion with us. The placement covered a wide variety of topics, including virtual reality games, which was very enjoyable. I also learned about assistive technologies and the impact it has in people's lives was very heart-warming that engineering can have such an impact that is so invaluable. Finally, I was fascinated with the use of ultrasonic sound to levitate, as I never thought anything like that is possible. Early exposure to a range of engineering topics early on in my career is now going to help me decide the best routes forward after my A-level studies.

Having never done a program like this I didn't know what to expect but I can for sure say I was blown away with how much I loved my time at GDI Hub. There is not one thing I would change about the program other than the length - I wish it was longer. But unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

In2scienceUK empowers young people to achieve their potential through life changing opportunities that give them insights into STEM careers and research.

Victoria and the in2Science students - with GDI Hub's Roxanna
Victoria testing VR and AT solutions