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Away Day for the GDI Hub team – a day for exploration, ideation and innovation planning

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Rosa Salazar Benazar

Communications Manager

Last Wednesday, the Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) team met off site for an inspiring day that will fuel the future strategy of the GDI Hub in the coming months and years to come. The aim of the day was to explore, ideate and plan future innovation in the accessible technology space.

We were very fortunate to be joined by our Chair, Lord Chris Holmes during the first part of our meeting. Chris inspired us all by sharing his own experiences as both Paralympic athlete and as former Director of Paralympic Integration for the London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games where he focused on improving accessibility for the Paralympic athletes and the Olympic Park’s visitors, and on growing awareness for the importance of disabled access further.

This inspiring intro by Chris was the perfect way to kick off the discussion around the overall aim of the GDI Hub to contribute to improving access to assistive technology for disabled people globally and in particular in emerging economies, and to continue to build an inclusive world. The brainstorm session that followed sparked many great ideas to be implemented in the near future and gave birth to others that will feed into the realisation of GDI Hub’s longer term vision. Exciting times to come, so stay tuned!

Next, one of our major milestones reached this year was discussed: the launch of the MSc course in Disability, Design and Innovation taught across our three founding partner academic institutions. Led and awarded by University College London, the course will also have teaching input from Loughborough University London and the University of the Arts London - College of Fashion. The MSc course blends design engineering with global policy and the societal context of disability giving students a unique multidisciplinary insight and the skills to be innovators in the field of global disability. We are thrilled to have our first students start the course in September 2019. This programme will impact the future of accessibility and inclusiveness by educating people on key topics that will shape design, innovation and policy for disabled people.

Another major milestone reached was the establishment of the AT 2030 - Life Changing Assistive Technology for All project with 8 major global partners and DFID. The GDI Hub is leading this £10m global programme and its aim is to reach over 3 million people globally in need of assistive technology, test new approaches and support innovations that deliver assistive technology to those who need it.

Lots of interesting and very important projects to get stuck in! You can tell we are excited!

Stay tuned,

The GDI Hub team

The GDI Hub team all smiling for a group photo.
The Global Disability Innovation Hub Team