AT 2030

AT 2030

GDI Hub is leading a £10m global programme called AT 2030 - Life Changing Assistive Technology for All. Its aim is to reach over 3 million people, testing new approaches and backing ‘what works’ to get AT to those who need it.

Beginning in September 2018, the programme is being delivered by a global partnership including; WHO, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, UNICEF and some of the world’s best AT innovators, universities and disability NGOs and DPOs. It aims to transform access to life-changing assistive technology (AT) such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, hearing aids and glasses by creating partnerships with the private sector to build and shape markets.

AT:2030 will:

  • reach at least 3 million people;
  • catalyse at least 10 new disruptive technologies with potential for life changing impact;
  • develop at least 6 innovative service delivery models;
  • spark 30-50 new start-ups;
  • develop and test new methodologies for market shaping on assistive technologies;
  • establish an East Africa AT Innovation Hub;
  • double DFID’s initial investment through partner backing;
  • and use all of this to leverage resources from other stakeholders.


GDI Hub is also a forming partner of ATscale, the new Global Partnership for Assistive Technology.

AT:2030 will help kick-start the work of this global partnership by generating evidence of what works, service delivery innovation, and testing pilot projects to open up access in priority countries.

The key objective of the global partnership is to reach 500m people globally by 2030 with the life-changing assistive technology that they need.

Lady in a wheel chair carrying a water urn on her lap

The 2012 Paralympic Games demonstrated what is possible when world-class performance is brought together with inclusive design. The GDI Hub has gathered a team of the best in the world to address the global challenge of access to Assistive Technology. The task is huge but the prize is even greater; now is the time to make AT a reality for everyone!

Lord Chris Holmes MBE

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